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Which one to choose? LED Display Vs TV Video screen

In term of big screen. The most commonly use technology are LED display and TV Video screen. But which one is good for you. Let compare between them and see which one is more suitable to you.

Size and Dimension

In theory, both can scale into very big area.

For installation difficulty, LED display is more complicated and more labor intensive than TV video screen.

LED Display has virtually NO limitation on dimension and size. Control unit can fit the content into any dimension. (Content itself need to custom made to get the best result)

TV Video screens are limited to 16:9 ratio and the size of each TV screen (other ratio are doable but the configuration will be much complicated and may need extra equipment such as video processor to have the content fit into the screen)

Resolution and Brightness

TV video screen has high resolution then LED display. Therefore, if you need to display content which needs high resolution such as words in menu, it is recommend to use TV video screen.

LED display has a lower resolution but higher brightness than TV video screen. Therefore, it is better to use it as an animated advertising display. It also has high contrast ratio, high brightness with no reflection, it is suitable to apply both indoor and outdoor display.


TV video screen usually comes with very thin bezel (somewhere between 5mm to 3mm) to make the screen looks more continuous and smooth. But it will always noticeable no matter how far away to view them.

For LED display, since they don‘t have bezel in each LED module, there will be no bezel to separate the screen which makes it looks more unify.


It depending on the size. In general, any size bigger than 100” screen size, LED has a cost advantage over TV screen display. It is because TV screen display cost multiple times more than regular TV screen which you can buy from local retailers.

Come visit our store and check them out. We have both setup for you to compare for yourself. So what are you waiting for, call us at 1833-285-2231

LED Display TV Video Screen

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