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6 BIG advantages of LED Display

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

To make sure LED display is the right solution for you, there are a few advantage and disadvantage you should know about.


1. High Brightness: LED display nowadays are very efficient. It can produce from to 2000 - 3500 nits, while most TV or monitor can product only about 300 - 500 nits

2. High Contrast Ratio: Since each LED pixel on the display can turn on or off individually, it can reach ultra-high contrast ratio. 

3. No reflection: Unlike most TV or monitors, there are no glass-like panel install in front of the LED module to reflect the light from the environment. As a result, external light source will not effect the brightness of the LED display.

4. Size Customization: Since LED display are made by combination of many modules, you can customize the size and shape to fit your ideal application. 

5. Super Long Lifespan: Each LED light in the module has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours. If you turn them on 24/7, it will last about 11.42 years.

6. Low Cost: For a 90 inch display, the cost of the LED display is about 60% lower than a regular TV.


1. Low resolution: The biggest disadvantage about LED display is the resolution. Meaning it has a lower pixel counts compare to regular TV. 

2. Low image quality: Since it has lower resolution, it is hard to display refine image such as words. However, it is best to do with motion graphic. When graphic are animated, resolution doesn't matter that much as our eyes are unable to recognized the detail of each frame. 

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